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American gamblers BEST US CASINOS - US players can play American and European Roulette here.
5 Dimes Casino - Live dealer roulette and blackjack games - includes Enhanced Payout Roulette.
Bovada Casino - Bodog owned casino has some good virtual table games and slots.


BetVictor Casino - Victor Chandler's live casino offers Single zero roulette, French roulette, Sports Roulette, Immersive Roulette, and also live blackjack and baccarat tables. Virtual tables also.
32 RED Casino - Virtual games and slots at this good UK casino site.
Supercasino - Live roulette games with real webcam dealers, and live TV show on 5 and Sky.

EUR  Casino Euro - Popular European casino with €150 bonus deal this month.

real roulette
Casino currency is the EURO, Other currencies converted automatically when depositing and withdrawing. No US players.

USEU Sun Palace Casino welcomes American players.
- Best Casino with RTG Technology / Real Time games.

play roulette

Over 200 high quality casino games including virtual roulette, blackjack and videoslots. Regular tournaments for all members. Popular games include Pirate Isle, T-Rex, and Suit-Em-up blackjack. American and European Roulette are also available with real dealers, along with blackjack, baccarat and Casino Holdem.

(no US players )

32 RED Casino -
Recommended casino with microgaming software games..
Includes French roulette, Multiplayer Roulette, and Blackjack Redeal Gold.

5 DIMES CASINO - with live dealers

5dimes games

USA 5Dimes offers live dealer American roulette with enhanced payouts, as well as blackjack and Baccarat games. We regard this as the best of the few places that US players can play live games.
There are two different live studios to choose from.
Dealers are friendly and chatty, with cute chip-tapping routines if you give them a tip.
The live games are safe and trustworthy with 24/7 TV news and sports channels in the background to prove the games are really broadcast in real time.

live roulette baccarat live
 -  Recommended UK TV roulette   uk roulette  euro roulette  sky  five roulette
Broadcast on air with Sky satellite TV, Channel 5 late nights, or live online with the website stream.
Play live croupier roulette with real dealers. Fun or Real cash.
Supercasino also has live blackjack and other games online such as Live holdem.
Some of the popular playtech slots can also be played here - Thor, Hulk, Iron Man etc
Live dealers are now broadcasting all day - not just evening hours like before.


USA  Sun Palace Casino - BEST BONUS OFFER for new players.

DOUBLE YOUR FIRST DEPOSIT up to $500 at the popular Sun Palace Casino.

SunPalace offers Single Zero Roulette - European Rules with the best odds.

Also available is a fantastic initial deposit offer for new players
Get up to $500 free to match your initial deposit*

Sun Palace Casino uses independent casino software licensed from Realtime Gaming.

You can be assured that all games are fair and the game results are determined on the independent servers of the software provider.

All gaming results are determined with a certified 'Random Number Generator' providing results to 'Las Vegas Standards' - generally high nineties percentage payout rates.

Play classic casino table games, big jackpot progressive slots, and many more...

You can play American Roulette or European Roulette.
European Roulette offers better player odds on even bets, with only a single zero instead of the double zero of the American table.

RTG games

A full range of casino games and slots are available..

*BONUS INFO - Quick info on bonus cash offers.

All online casinos operate in a similar way with bonus money.
Certain 'wagering requirements' are in place to stop any players abusing the offer and simply withdrawing any free cash right away. Generally you must wager your bonus amount through a certain number of times before making any withdrawals.

With Sun Palace Casino, 40x play-through must be met, with certain games excluded from meeting wagering requirements - generally games with an extremely low or no house edge.
Any bonus cash is held in a separate bonus account which is played first.
Winnings remaining after wagering requirements have been met are released into a players real money account and can be withdrawn at any time.

Although 40x play-through may seem like a lot, it is very possible to achieve in a good session, especially with slots gambling, where $100 worth of initial credits can easily turn into $1000 worth of actually played spins because of the high rate of return of games with 95-99% percentage payouts.

In fact the 40x play through requirement is pretty reasonable compared to the 80x play through requirements of some online casinos. The bonus and wagering requirements are entirely optional.

And even if you are unlucky and don't end up with some extra real cash from the bonus money, it is a great way to get familiar with all the casino games when playing at a new casino.

USA  Sun Palace Casino - highly recommended

Play all games for free or full real cash.

US CASINO PLAYERS US players Accepted
- Tired of your bank or card company denying online gaming transactions?
SunPalace Casino offers many secure banking options to cater to US players, including Visa , Mastercard and wire-transfer, so you are free to enjoy online gaming as a responsible adult.
Other alternative banking options for US gamblers are available - for those who don't appreciate their card company telling them what they can or cannot spend their own money on !

download slots  32 RED - MicroGaming Casino of the month.


Play for free, or gamble in UK pounds , Euros or Canadian Dollars,

Play great slots and table games, including American roulette,
European Roulette and Progressive Jackpot Roulette games.

32 RED Casino is fully licensed in the UK territory of Gibraltar, as part of the Belle Rock Entertainment Group. Ecogra approved, and with 10 years of online operation, Belle Rock casinos are among the most reputable online, with many thousands of regular daily players.

The casino uses the trusted Microgaming Viper Software as its backend, so all gaming takes place using 3rd party servers with a certified random number generator providing results to 'Las Vegas Standard' odds.
Play big progressive jackpot slots, regular table games, and live multiplayer poker.
Gamblers can play roulette for big money with Roulette Royale - a great progressive jackpot machine, linked to several casinos, or classic roulette games include American roulette, European Roulette and French roulette
Table games have up to 99% payout rates, as independently verified monthly by one of the worlds top accounting firms!!

32 RED Online Casino - Play in Euros, UK pounds or CA/AU$.

(Sorry, No US players)



Choose from any of the recommended Belle Rock Casinos.

ENTER 32 RED online casino

Recommended for UK and European Players.

ice bonus offer this month for new players at 32 RED Casino.
Great atmosphere and secure gaming from one of the biggest casino groups online.


AMERICAN ROULETTE at Belle Rock Gaming Casinos.
Double Zero Roulette and Single Zero roulette available.
Play at the 32 RED , or Roxy Palace casinos.

euro gold roulette

European Roulette Gold offers enhanced graphics and sounds,
The quiet piano / lounge music in the background and a great dealer voice-over
with a female English croupier, gives the atmosphere of an upper class UK casino.

new - Multiwheel Roulette Gold has been added to the 32 RED online casino.
Play at 6 tables appearing on the screen at once - a nice alternative to regular single table play.


UK casino (no American players)

Rules of Roulette

Roulette is an exciting and rewarding casino game when played at a reputable online casino with a reputation for quality and great payouts

This famous game is played by spinning a small ball counter-clockwise around a wheel that spins clockwise. When the wheel comes to rest, the ball falls into one of the alternating red or black slots, numbered 1-36, or one of the green slots numbered 0 or 00.
The object of the game is to predict the slot the ball will land in.

Roulette chips are placed on an area of the table marked with a pattern of boxes and numbers.

First you must decide on which numbers or groups of numbers to bet on. You can usually do this by moving the mouse over the table and left clicking to deposit chips on the table. Right clicking will remove chips.

You can place chips on individual numbers or on the borders shared by two or four numbers. You can also bet on whether the number will be odd or even, black or red, or low or high.

Once you have decided upon your bet, press the SPIN button to start the game. The roulette wheel will spin and the ball will be placed on the wheel. It will soon come to rest in one of the numbered slots on the wheel.

If the number falls with in the range of any one of your bets then you have won.

There are many different bets you can make in Roulette:

Inside Bets:

Straight Bets
You can bet on any single number by placing a chip in the center in any of the 37 numbers from 0 through 36.

Split Bet or Two Number Bet
You must place your chip on the line between two separate numbers. If the ball lands on either of these numbers you win.

Corner or Square Bets
Place your chip in the center of four numbers and if one of these numbers comes up you win.

Outside Bets:

Any Red or Black
These bets divide the table into red and black. The bet is on either a black or red number coming up and is placed on either the red or black diamond. If 0 comes up the bet loses.

Any Low Number or High Number Bet
These bets divide the table into the numbers 1 – 18 and 19 – 36. The bet is on either a number from 1 to 18 or from 19 to 36 coming up and is placed on either the 1 to 18 or 19 to 36 rectangle. If 0 comes up the bet loses.

Any Even or Odd Bet
These bets divide the table into even and odd. The bet is on either an even or odd number coming up and is placed on either the even or odd rectangle. If 0 comes up the bet loses.

Dozens Bet
These bets divide the table into the numbers 1-12, 13-24, and 25-36. The bet is on either a number from 1 to 12 or from 13 to 24 or from 25 to 36 coming up and is placed on the 1st 12, 2nd 12, or 3rd 12 rectangle.

Column Bets
These bets divide the table into columns of 12 numbers. The bet is on any one of the three columns and is placed at the end of the column on the 2 to 1 rectangle.

The house wins whenever the ball falls into the green slots, of which there are 1 or 2 on the table.

European Roulette has a single 0 slot and has a casino advantage of 2.7%.
American Roulette uses a wheel with an extra 00 slot which gives a house edge of 5.3% - not too good for the player. Click here for other American casino games or here for US live roulette.

The best US bonus offer can be found at SunPalace Casino - $500 free for new players.

Roulette Hints and Strategy

Roulette is very much a game of luck, so there is not too much strategy or skill involved that the player to use to beat the house edge.

If your casino has a choice, players are naturally advised to to play roulette with the European table for its better odds, although some American tables now offer enhanced payouts.

Many casinos offer French roulette tables which have even better odds.
If the ball lands in the green zero pocket, instead of losing all your money, then half your bet on Even money bets (Odd or Even, Black or Red) is returned to you as a consolation prize.
This halfs the casino odds on Even money bets to only 1.35%.
This is known as the La Partage rule, and is one of the best bets at roulette.

Regarding roulette strategy, we recommend you don't fall into the commonly used but risky tactics of 'doubling up' or 'delayed doubling up' to recoup any losses.
Although most of the time you will win and recoup your money, it only takes one run of bad luck to lose a lot of money this way - Remember the saying 'The wheel has no memory' - The outcome of a new spin is never determined by the prior spins.
After 6 blacks in a row, the next result is just as likely to be black again, instead of red.
The computer display of past results often seen above the table, is actually meaningless for gambling tactics.

Roulette is best played simply for pure fun and excitement, and not to try to regularly beat the house, unlike blackjack or poker..

But when playing casino games, not many players can resist the sheer excitement involved in watching that ball spin round and round, hoping to double their money instantly.
Or go for that single lucky number with odds of 37-1.
A winning streak at roulette can pay off big very quickly!
Like many forms of gambling, the real secret of is knowing when to stop and cash out with your winnings, before you get too greedy..

UK UK TV roulette. Live presenters on Sky, Freeview, or online.


Supercasino is as a UK live casino site with channels on Sky and FIVE TV.
Live studio presenters offer a fun and casual approach to gaming.

With Supercasino, you can also play the same live games on the website - the channels are streamed online from the studio. The best way to play there is to place bets on a computer or tablet, when watching the live shows, although you can also phone in your bets.

Live casino games are preferred by some players as there is no doubt about the accuracy of the results - you really can trust the games 100%.
This is actually a bit of an illusion, as other licensed online casinos are also highly secure, with verified independent Random Number Generators - but many players still prefer to see the wheel spin with their own eyes.

Live roulette games and Live Blackjack games are available as well as many other virtual casino games including slots.
Obviously the live channels are the main attraction and they are done very well - it really adds to the excitement of the game seeing the presenters spin the wheel live on air, together with the chance to see your name on screen along with other players.

The hosts are fun and chatty - often 2 presenters are in the studio - one spinning the wheel and another placing the bets and reading out winners names - some of the banter can be a little 'cheesy' but generally it is a lot of fun, and has a more sociable feel than playing virtual roulette in a regular online casino.

uk live roulette  euro live roulette 

Supercasino is a TV based site, broadcasting on SKY 24/7 and Channel 5 after midnight..
Live games can be played online at any time.

BetVictor Live Casino - For some great live dealer games, including VIP tables with high bet limits, we recommend VictorBet casino from Victor Chandler.
The Live roulette games have a wide range of betting limits, including tables accepting bets up to £25,000 per spin !!
Good if you are a high roller and like to play double up strategies.
Normal tables with £2 minimum bets are available for casual players.
Also baccarat, blackjack, casino holdem, and 3 card poker.

Low limit and high limit tables.
Good bonuses here with cashback deals for members.

vc roulette  victor roulette

- Now offers 4 different live casino locations.

Casino studios in Europe, Asia and the UK, with local dealers in each location.
These are generally regarded as the highest quality live casino tables online, with fast smooth streaming and multiple camera angles to choose from.
All casinos have a 'full screen' option with a TV quality image.
Their most popular live tables are broadcast from Latvia with attractive and polite Eastern European dealers.

The popular LONDON LIVE CASINO offers the environment of an typical English casino and is staffed with local British croupiers, who like a bit of friendly chat and banter.
Not as nice to look at though :) For those who prefer a bit of chat with their games, also check out the new Sports Roulette Tables, which have a sporting theme. The presenters fill in the time between spins with sports updates and opinions regarding the big games and events of the day.
For those who prefer playing alongside the more glamorous female dealers, then the Immersive Roulette room is a fun place to be - with attractive hosts, multi-camera angles and slow motion replays.
There is lots of innovation with the live casino games, with regular new tables and concepts.

uk casino


Players take a free space at a 7 seat table and interact personally with the dealers.
Just like in a real casino.
(Some other casinos just allow betting on 'public' hands that the dealer plays for everyone, according to basic strategy)

uk live roulette  euro live roulette 
Play roulette and table games with real dealers at Bet Victor live casino.
Players also have full access to all the other VC games, poker, slots, and sports betting. UK and Euro players only.

USA USA LIVE ROULETTE - friendly webcam dealers at 5 DIMES.

five dimes  Play with real dealers and other live players.



USA Recommended US casino:


sunpalace roulette

Download the software and practice for free, or gamble for real money.

Try this great casino from the company behind the popular Mainstreet Group.
Nice new introductory bonus offer for new players with up to $1000 free.

TST - tested secure

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